Sunday, April 19, 2009

From Hamilton Island

Ok, there will be only one card posted in the next 2 weeks because we are away on Hamilton Island, in Queensland. We flew here last Thursday (16th) and will not be returning until the 28th. So far the weather has been absolutely brilliant (no rain yet, fingers crossed because Queensland has had a lot of rain lately) I will be posting some pictures for the relatives to view, but there really isn't much to do here except swim, read, swim, read, snorkel, swim, read. Anyway, you get the picture, so onto the pictures:

Calum & Liam in the pool.

Me and my gorgeous boys (stop laughing Sue ! LOL!)

Today we went snorkelling over the reefs at 'Catseye Beach'. After the boys and I had had enough, we went back to the room and my husband went out on his lonesome to do some more snorkelling. He was looking for turtles etc when he spotted a reef shark and nearly s**** himself, how funny is that because he said that if I had been with him it would have been ok. Yeah right! I would have been the one to walk on water to get back to the beach LOL! very funny!


Liam said...

Hope you have a good time while away looks beautiful. Happy Travels.


Anonymous said...

Have an awesome time! I wish I was with you!! LOL