Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crochet {two}


.. thought I would pop in to share some more crochet projects ...

First up is an adorable poncho.  I found this vintage pattern on etsy.

...and here are some more 'granny rugs' that I made for my sisters' kids ...

Thanks for stopping by
and have a great weekend ...

Cheers Ange


Anonymous said...

Wow, they look great. I might have to get you to teach me! Or I'll just have to buy one off you.

- from your new Wing Defense player :-)

Jay Gee said...

These are gorgeous Ange! I am making one at the moment but it is taking me FOREVER!!

lostinpaper said...

Totally awesome! Love the green one!

Sam said...

Hi Ange,

I've been meaning to jump on here and say how much I love your blankets! They are just awesome, and you must be some sort of crochet speed-demon!!!!!

I am still rippling along, I've been getting stuck into my blanket every evening, and I have 37 rows to go (I think)! Then I have to weave in about 10 millions loose ends, and decide whether I am making a border for it (or not). I can't tell from you photos, does your ripple blanket have a border? I can see your straight stitch one does, and it looks beautiful.

Best wishes