Monday, October 11, 2010

Copic Storage

I have finally purchased some copics (sketch).  I have had a play with them (thanks Sue), and last month there was a really big special, so I thought why not..  It's a bit daunting trying to pick which colours to buy, so for most of mine I have used the trios that I found on the PTI website.  With the AUD dollar being a bit fabulous at the moment, I have just purchased some more Woohoo!

Anyway, a while back I was blog surfing and came across Debbie's post with her new copics storage unit, that her DH whipped up.  Debbie got her inspiration from HERE.  I printed out the pictures and handed it to my DH and said "can you make this ??".  And TADAA!  here is the finished product .....

Funny story tho ....  I had just popped all my copics in the box and my Hubby said 'you don't have many' to which I replied 'no, not yet LOL!'

Thanks for stopping by .... xx Ange


Jay Gee said...

You are lucky Ange, wish I had a DH that could make stuff (other than a mess LOL).

Sue said...

Looking good luv, glad you are sharing tour DH woodworking talents! Looking forward to seeing my new holder!! :)