Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crochet {two}


Here is another crochet project that I was asked to do a couple of weeks before Christmas.  A Christening Shawl.   It needed to be done before I went away and I had no pattern, but I did have a chrochet shawl that my oldest son recieved when he was born, so I copied that.

I am sorry but I don't have the exact measurements, and I was so rushed with it, I didn't write the pattern down ...

Fortunately I was able to work out the correct stitches and did more rows on each section as the yarn and crochet hook were a different size.

Yarn:  'Spring clour' Cotton (Benidgo Wool Mills)
Hook:  4.5 mm

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x Ange


Sam said...

OH WOW! My mind is positively boggling Ange over your use of phrases such as: 'a couple of weeks', 'I had no pattern', 'I copied...', 'I didn't write the pattern down' and 'I was able to work out'. These are not phrases that I associate with crochet! I have trouble reading a crochet pattern...any pattern, let along creating my own, on the fly, in a couple of rushed weeks before Christmas!!!!!!!!

This shawl is awesome! Just awesome.

Can't wait to see more :-).

Jay Gee said...

Totally agree with everything Sam said! This is absolutely gorgeous Ange - you are so clever :)